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Posted in Lessons I Learned on November 9, 2012 – 3:21 PM
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Once you get into astronomy as a hobby, you quickly find a handful of online retailers which you trust.  It seems you always need something to make things easier or better for whatever you are trying to do.  ScopeStuff is a small business out of Pennsylvania which offers a range of various bits you cant find anywhere else.  My favorite products they sell are the various adapters and screws which they clearly machine themselves.  They also have parts for specific major components.  And when I upgraded my mount to a CGEM and loaded all my equipment on it, I realized I either needed more counterweight or needed to extend the counterweight bar.

I looked online, got the information I needed about the size fitting I needed and ordered it up.  Got my parts and to my surprise, I didn’t find the right information online in the first place and the M6 thread needed by be M12.  I spoke to Jim at Scopestuff about it and he told me to ship it back and he’d replace the part for the price of shipping – 6 bucks.  Great!  But, I did my own research trying to find a third party adapter – and couldn’t find anything.  And before I got the part in the mail, I had another email – Jim was sending off an adapter to me.  Very simple part (for those who know how to make such things).  Very ele4gant solution which worked great.  High quality, like everything else.  It saved me several days waiting for the part and everything works great.

Long story short, here is one guy who will always look at Scope Stuff first when I need something they may have!


(By the way, I received no compensation nor did anyone at scope stuff have any expectation I would write about my great experience with their company)


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